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Waiting for the Paint and Body Work to be Done

15 Mar

The engine being basically done, except for accessories, we’re now waiting for the paint and body man to catch up with us. So we decided to pay him a visit and see how the work is going on his end.  Here’s a couple of shots of the chassis, after sandblast and preliminary priming. (click photos to enlarge)
'54 Ford chassis

'54 Ford Chassis2

And here’s the front of the cab. It’s been blasted and primed, but he hasn’t done the chop yet. The roof will be lowered a total of 4 inches all the way around. That alone is a good bit of work, and when that’s done, we have to find the replacement glass all the way around.

'54 Ford cabin

'54 Ford cabin

The hood and fenders have been blasted and primed, but still have some body work coming. Part of that will involve installing the reverse tilt hood opening hardware.

'54 Ford body parts

'54 Ford body parts

The bed needed a good bit of work, as truck beds often do. The front panel was pretty beaten up, but he managed to do a great job of straightening it out. Some welding took care of a few extra holes that had been drilled over the years. We’ve ordered polished stainless steel runners, and new oaken boards, as well as the cross members and isolation pads that go beneath. He’ll need all that to align and square up the bed. The tailgate is going to be a custom job.

'54 Ford body parts

'54 Ford body parts

All in all, it’s coming along nicely. We figure we’ll have a little over $10k in her, before we get done. We’ve already got nearly $2k in the engine. The interior is still under discussion. I’m pushing for all digital in stock framework, and Gerardo seems to like the idea of full stock. We’ll see.

Meanwhile, we still have to rebuild this bench seat, and decide on upholstery colors. Since we’re now thinking of a dark brown and copper two-tone paint scheme, I’m thinking that copper upholstery would look best.

'54 Ford bench seat

Once we get the chassis back and we can weld in the new motor mounts, transmission cross-member and new front-end suspension, we’ll send the chassis back for mounting of the body. When that’s done, we’ll bring it back and set the engine and transmission.

Stay tuned… it’s starting to get interesting!