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Front-end Conversion

5 Apr

Getting ready to make the conversion from leaf springs to coil, and manual steering to power, we ordered the conversion kit today for the pick-up. The picture below is a manual job, but otherwise, very similar to the one we’re supposed to receive in two weeks. (Click to enlarge)

Front suspension  conversion kit

$1,500 worth, with the power add-on

Tomorrow, I’m heading over to do some grinding and welding on the chassis, and take some dimensions. Gerardo is getting impatient to get things moving again, and I’m trying to hold him back so we don’t get ahead of ourselves. Making him understand that dropping a Chevy engine into a Ford pick-up is no big thing, but when you toss in a front end conversion, change from standard to automatic, and all the other “minor” mods we’re doing, it pays to measure twice and cut once.

The chop-job on the cabin is turning out to be a challenge, and it looks like four inches is about all we’re going to be able to manage. Turns out I’m going to have to fabricate the flip-hood conversion too, as we couldn’t determine exactly which kit would fit properly. I decided it was safer to just build it and send it out for chrome work, since they won’t accept a return if it doesn’t fit.

Gerardo went to the Good Guys show and took some great pics, so I thought I’d throw in a few of those to show you what we have in mind.

Flip-hood conversion

This is the type of flip-hood conversion I'll build

And a closer look…

Another view

A typical chop-job

This is a 4-1/2″ chop, but the weld-line shows, so we’re thinking to  limit ourselves to 4″.





This is what the hood will look like, opened all the way (my sister-in-law and niece in the foreground)


After the hood conversion is done


And except for the color scheme, the interior will be pretty similar to this


The interior

We’re starting to get down to the rough details now, so it’s getting interesting. Funny, though… it’s not getting any cheaper!