Doc’s Axioms

These are all  “Doc Originals”, concocted in various stages of sobriety. I can’t guarantee that they don’t reflect something I’ve read at one time or another, but they’re not stolen from anyone.

The failure of a man to make a meaningful contribution to society is

compounded by his failure to recognize the impact of that failure.


When we concentrate more on where we are going, than on how we are getting there,

we often will not like the tracks that we have left behind.


Nearly all the great successes of man can be traced to the acts

of people that refused to follow conventional paths.


Legality, humanity & practicality are essential ingredient to any legal process.

The balance of these elements is key to true justice.


True love is usually characterized by one being more concerned with the happiness

of their mate, than they are with their own, providing the feeling is reciprocated.

If not, then the relationship is predisposed to abuse.


Those that would subvert our constitutional form of government by using “loopholes”

in the constitution, have no understanding of what a constitution means

to the nation’s people, and may face a rude awakening.


There are only two reasons for shirking one’s civic duty – one is a lack of time.

The other is equally invalid.


Whenever we point out a shortcoming of a neighbor, we should strive

to take note of two of our own.


A carpenter’s axiom is “measure twice, cut once”. We would all do well

to apply such logic to our speech.


Trusting a politician is a lot like believing in the tooth fairy. You have to remember

that even though you may find a quarter under your pillow,

it still cost you a tooth!


True communication is a two-way street – twenty percent talk and eighty percent listen.

If both parties would practice this, a lot more would get done, with a lot less rhetoric.


When all is said and done – we often find that not only is there still someone

that has something more to say – something will usually remain undone.


Denying the validity of another man’s point of view can convince only one of you.


Hope and despair can be equally contagious, in any given circumstance.


Being unafraid in the face of danger is bravado.

Taking action in spite of fear is courage.


He who has never failed has either been very lucky, or he has never tried

to accomplish anything of consequence. Only he who has tried, failed,

and tried again, can know the joy of truly succeeding.


Nearly every child, at some point, will see his mother as an omniscient Goddess,

or his father as an invincible Warrior. So why are we so surprised to learn that

our sons and daughters see us that way?


The manner in which a person handles adversity can tell more about his character,

than the way he handles good fortune.


Compassion, long seen as a characteristic of weakness, is probably one of the most

prominent signs of true strength of character.


To the true sportsman, the conduct of the contest matters more than the outcome.


Best that we measure our own performance as critically as we gauge that of others.


Give me a friend that will tell me what I need to hear – not what I want to hear –

even if it hurts. I’ll get over the hurt, but not deceit from a friend.


There is no greater joy for me, than to see my child put into practice, the principles

that I’ve worked so hard to instill in them. That is really the single most important reason

I’m on this earth – for my children.


When I meet someone that tends to make absolute statements – “I would never”, “there is never justification for”, or the like – I know that further discussion is useless.

They have made a conscious decision to close their mind, and only they can re-open it.


The more technologically advanced we become as a society,

the more we seem to regress as a culture.


Political correctness is about as productive as destroying the henhouse

to keep the fox from stealing a chicken.


When did it become stylish to respect the very nature of an enemy bent upon our destruction?

This would seem to be foolhardy at best, if not suicidal.


Is affirmative action really what it purports to be?

Or is it simply government-mandated role reversal?


Hypocrates’ admonition to “do no harm” may have been directed specifically at physicians,

but it’s a wonderful guideline for all of us.


If imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, then why do people

get so upset when their work is plagiarized?


The dissenter often draws fire from all sides of an argument. But few changes

to a  society have taken place without such dissent.


Our dogs love us with all their being, regardless of our quirks, shortcomings or vices.

Cats, on the other hand, will hold us in disdain, no matter our sterling qualities.


Good subjects hold their king accountable.

A good king holds himself accountable.


The open-minded must listen very carefully, in order to hear the calm voice

of reason. That voice can sometimes be drowned out by loud belligerence,

but can never be silenced.


There is a true beauty to the American two-party political system.

Perhaps one day, we may be able to identify it.


“It just seemed like the thing to do at the time, your honor”

is normally not an acceptable defense.


“Any day you don’t wake up scratching at the inside of a silk-lined box,

is already gonna be a good day!”

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One Response to “Doc’s Axioms”

  1. duffy1958 July 4, 2013 at 10:48 pm #

    Wow! I’m so glad I read your axioms! I love them! All of them. Very nice Doc. Thank you.

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