About The Madman

Doc wasn’t always a madman. To some, insanity comes easily…naturally. Doc had to work at it. He decided early on that being pretty good at a lot of different things was better protection against unemployment (and boredom) than being an expert at just one thing. As a result, his career (besides eleven years of military service) included stints as a field service engineer, a police officer, English teacher, cowboy, ranch-hand, bartender, sales & marketing manager, applications engineer, maintenance technician, electronics design engineer, vice-president of a multi-national corporation and general manager of several, plant manager, webpage developer, SEO specialist and now… blogger (unpaid, like most).

Kind of takes “Jack of all trades” to a whole new level!

He’s lived in eleven different states in the US, and in eleven different countries. He is fluent in one language other than English, and can (barely) get by in a couple more.

He is currently enjoying semi-retirement, living in Mexico, contemplating what he wants to be when (and if) he grows up.

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