Getting 500 HP out of a 350 cid Ain’t Cheap!

7 Mar

I suppose one of these days, I’ll have to just put all these pics in a scrapbook portfolio, rather than making you all scroll through a bunch of posts. For the time being, though, this seems like the best way to go about sharing our progress.

We received the Weiand intake manifold, the Edelbrock valve covers and the chrome housing for the alternator, along with a few other tidbits. So yesterday, I was verifying, fitting and adjusting stuff, along with a little more painting. The monster looked so good with the valve covers and manifold on it, that I decided to hang the headers just to grab a couple of pics. (click to enlarge)

350 cid, taking shape

They do dress it up a little!

350 cid, on the stand, with Hookers

Yeah! That helps!

Left side, 350 cid on stand, with Hooker headers

T'other side

350 cid top view, Weiand manifold, Edelbrock V/C and Hooker headers

Comin' right along!

Next week, I’ll order the Edelbrock Thunder AVS 650 cfm carburetor, which’ll really top her off nicely. Still a lot of little details to work out, like whether we go with something dressy on the accessory mounts (pricey, for sure, but for a show vehicle, a good addition), and start doing some of the plumbing work.

All the body work is done, and primer has been applied. The chassis is being sandblasted and primed this week, so we can start running cables and brake lines. We still haven’t made a decision on the front-end suspension… retrofit a Volare front-end, or go with a new one. Again, pricey, but we’re having a hard time finding a Volare front end, so we may be forced to go that route.


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