My Wish-List

21 Sep

Everybody’s got a wish-list, I suppose. And I suspect that some of us put things on that list, fully aware that we haven’t got a snowman’s chance in Hell of it ever comin’ true.

Well, mine already came true… a couple of times. But not lately. And it’s still on my list, ’cause I want it again!

Line-art of Harley cycle

Unfortunately, the old grandmother I sleep with, doesn’t see it as a very good idea.  She’s convinced I’d end up as a long red streak on some mountain road.

Hell, no!

A coastal highway, maybe. But not a mountain road.

‘Sides, it’d only hurt for a little bit.


One Response to “My Wish-List”

  1. Dean Cruddace September 22, 2010 at 3:09 am #

    I keep my wishlist on the sidebar of my blog as a constant reminder!!

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