Snooty Pig Pot Roast Benefit for Rachel Hunnicutt-Knight

31 Jul

Progress on the support drive for Rachel’s bone marrow transplant has been tremendous, due in large part to the vast network of friends and colleagues that all of you have reached out to. Family, close friends, casual acquaintances and total strangers have responded to the call, and given the Got-Marrow website a flood of traffic.

Facebook, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious, LinkedIn, Friendfeed, Buzz… and a host of other social sites have been getting flooded with the message that Rachel needs our help. Rachel’s family and friends want to thank you for your efforts so far. It’s definitely making a difference.

Rachel’s brother, Steven, got volunteered to build us something to put up on YouTube, so we hope to have that available very soon, too. We’re just getting started at this point, and we’re not about to slow down!

We’ve issued press releases, as well, which have achieved another big push to the site traffic. And more will be going out next week. Now’s not the time to slack off. We need to keep up the activity, so we get Rachel’s site to the top of the search engine results. So please, folks, keep up the great effort, and we WILL succeed in funding this transplant!

Today, Rachel’s aunt and uncle sponsored a benefit dinner for Rachel at the Snooty Pig Cafe in Keller, TX. I would have loved to attend… I even thought about asking my son that lives only a couple hundred miles south of there, to make an appearance. But with him being a chip off the old block, he’d have eaten them out of pot roast, just like I would have… that wouldn’t hardly be fair.

Here’s the poster of the Snooty Pig benefit. Rumor has it that it’s a great place to eat, any time of day. I just hope that today, there was standing room only.

Stay tuned, because I hope to have more news for you soon. And keep plugging away and passing the word, folks.


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