Social Internet Marketing, Taken To a New Level

18 Jul

Old Spice‘s spokesman, Isaiah Mustafa, seems to have captured the hearts and minds of both consumers and internet marketers recently. Their innovative use of Twitter and YouTube has set a new example of how to market through social media.

Out of a Portland, OR studio, Isaiah speaks out to people on a very personal level, standing in a bathroom, clad in a towel. People tweeted questions, requests and comments to him, and over a hundred of them received personalized YouTube videos in response. One fellow even asked him if he would ask his girlfriend to marry him (the boyfriend, not Mustafa).

He did.

She accepted.

Isaiah recorded videos directed at Lisa Barone (who expressed very well, her appreciation of Old Spice’s innovation), Perez Hilton, Alyssa Milano, George Stephanopoulos and Huffington Post, to name only a few. As of a few minutes ago, the Old Spice YouTube channel boasted 92,636,782 upload views.

I think we can safely call that viral!

Whoever can claim this campaign as their brainchild deserves some serious reward! I doubt even they expected the level of response elicited. The techniques utilized, in order to be able to post real-time responses, I can’t imagine, but the vision to put it together… phenomenal!

Kudos to Old Spice, their internet marketing guru(s) and to Isaiah Mustafa, for giving birth to an internet marketing sensation such as we have never seen before.


2 Responses to “Social Internet Marketing, Taken To a New Level”

  1. tubby July 25, 2010 at 3:07 am #

    That’s Kids Doc. You bring them into the world, you feed them and change their nappies, you drop them off, pick them up from school, You carry them upstairs at the end of a long day and tuck them into bed.
    Then One day when they look like they have grown up They offer you a beer at the local pub. . Then two hours later they call you a ‘poofter’ because you cannot drink as fast as they do.
    I must admit it is slighty comforting to know others find it troublesome when things like a wobbling headed frog appeares to be cemented to the dashboard of the car the day after it was borrowed . .
    Sometimes I think that the explanation that ‘Children are gods punishment for the pleasure of sex’ makes sense.
    I enjoy your posts Doc . . Being mad is not all bad!

    • Doc July 25, 2010 at 10:03 am #

      Being mad is not all bad!
      True enough, Tubby. I think madness is a man’s self-defense mechanism against insanity. Too many people don’t realize that insanity is hereditary, though.
      We get it from our kids!

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