The 2010 Funniest Man Around Award

10 Jul

In one of my recent posts, Where Have All the Links Gone?, I talked about how people used to cheerfully link to sites and pages they found worthwhile, just out of the goodness of their heart, but that, of late, the practice seems to have become more mercenary.

I’ve been accused of many things in my life. Thankfully, in most of those instances, there was insufficient evidence for formal charges. One thing I have never been accused of (at least not by anyone with a BAC of less than .25) is having a heart that overflowed with goodness. But even a cantankerous cuss like me has a soft spot for someone that strikes a perfect balance of funny, satirical and irreverent, every time they put pen to paper.

Logo for Simon EdhouseDavid Thorne, of 27b/6, is such a writer. If any of you have also been deprived of the utter hilarity of this man, I say now, that if you visit his site, your life will change. Your marriage will be saved, your children will all grow up to be Nobel Prize winners, that distressing noise your car makes when you make a left turn will remedy itself, and if you’re a man, you will have larger, thicker erec… well, you get the picture. At the very least, you’ll laugh your ass off!

If there’s such a thing as the 2010 Funniest Man Around Award, David, you’d better prepare your acceptance speech!


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