My Head is Going to Explode (or maybe it already did!)

5 Jul

I don’t normally celebrate my birthday anymore, although the entire USA does. I figure it would be a little narcissistic for me to join in. Besides, when you’re sliding in to sixty, some of the glow has left. A good bowel movement is at least as exciting.

Still, when some friends called yesterday, and insisted I come over for some BBQ and a few drinks, I was in the mood, and gladly accepted. It turned out to be a birthday party for the wife of my friend. They’d heard it was my b’day too, and invited us over to co-celebrate.

All these years, I’d thought I was the only one born on the 4th of July! What a letdown!

Lots of steaks and chops found their way onto the grill, along with elotes asados, nopales, membrillo and chiles toreados, all of which was washed down with copious amounts of alcohol.

Beer, brandy, sake, champagne and single malt scotch are all delicious, and great for accompanying a meal.

However, they are NOT intended to accompany each other. Especially in rapid-fire mode. And most especially in obscene quantities.

‘Twasn’t a total loss, though! I ended up with two 2-liter jugs of good Mexican brandy, a bottle of Hakutsuru sake and a bottle of Golden Kaan Chenin Blanc 2005.

Oh! And a head the size of Oklahoma!
I may not live ’til my next one!


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