Getting It Right?

10 Jun

Danny Sullivan posted a cute parody on his personal blog last week, entitled, “A Few Good Facebook Men”. He said he was put in mind of the courtroom scene in “A Few Good Men”, while watching Mark Zuckerberg being interviewed at the D8 conference. I wish I’d been there.

Even better, I wish I’d been interviewing the cocky SOB!

Zuckerberg made the comment in that interview, that more than 50 percent of Facebook users have changed at least one privacy setting.

He followed that with, “To me, that’s a signal that we are, on the whole, getting it right.”

Really, Mark?

So if you have to take your car to a second mechanic, right after having the dealer repair it, does that signify that the dealer is “getting it right“?

If so, I’d hate to think about my doctor getting it right.

I must be getting old. I’m afraid your logic escapes me, Mark. Even coming from someone about the age of my oldest grandchild, it seems surprisingly obtuse.

Mark essentially indicated that not only does he not see that Facebook is making any mistakes in the way they handle personal privacy settings (he rejected the idea that things should be opt-in, rather than opt-out), he intends to do even MORE of it in the future!

Well, hell, Mark! Why not? If you’re getting it right, why change things? I mean, it’s not like over 30,000 people organized a mass account deletion last week, in protest. Oh, wait! I guess about 32,000 members of one group did just that, didn’t they?

Granted, 32,000 out of 500 million or so, isn’t a devastating blow. But then, it’s not what I’d call a sign that you guys are “getting it right”, either. Just sayin’!

Zuckerberg also said that he doesn’t think much about taking Facebook public. Now THAT’S good thinking! First of all, with all the privacy issues they’ve had, and continue having, the stock would be falling like a rock!

And then there’s that nasty habit that stockholders have, of dumping CEOs that are leading the company down the wrong path.

Yeah, Mark, I think you definitely want to keep it privately held! At least ’til you get a little smarter about taking care of your users.

Drop the attitude, Mark, and start acting like a businessman! Take care of your customers, and they’ll take care of you.

Screw them over, and you screw yourself over.

A final tribute… Brian, over at Shoebox, posted a very appropriate cartoon. Nice, Brian!


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