Galaxy 2, Chivas 0!

7 Apr

The other night, my brother in law and I went to a futbol (soccer) game in L.A. The Galaxy versus the Chivas (Mexico). Tickets were supplied by my niece’s friend, who accompanied us, along with my God-daughter’s boyfriend.

First, let me say that I’ve long considered soccer games to be about as exciting as televised chess tournaments. But my BIL is an avid fan, and until just a couple of years ago, was an active player, as well.

Besides, everyone knows that sports stadiums are built around the beer concession. And I’m a big supporter of concessions.

I about had a heart attack, when I found out these tickets cost $110 each! And the parking was $30! For that kind of money, I expect to have my drinks delivered to me FREE…

preferably by Angelina Jolie!

We walked across the parking lot to the entrance, and I saw they had metal detectors set up. I had about two pounds of change, from two countries, in my pocket, and a small pocket knife. I dumped the change into the attendant’s hands and tossed my keys and the pocket knife on the table, and could tell by the look on her face that the knife was a problem. So I scooped everything back up, got my BIL’s car keys and told him I’d meet them in the restaurant, and plodded back out to the truck to deposit my offending metal objects in the cup holder. While I was there, I decided to leave my real knife, which was on my belt, as well. That probably would have given the poor girl heart failure!

I caught up with them at the restaurant, and my BIL had a nice cold Guinness waiting for me. We finished our beers, and I ordered another round to take to our box. I pushed a $20 bill across the bar, and the bartender gave me a curious look. I figured she was wondering if I was going to wait for change.

“Keep it”, I said, smiling.

“It’s $32”, she responded, also smiling.

$8 per beer! I could tell I wouldn’t be drinking much tonight! I tossed out another $20… and waited for the change.

Halftime break was spent at the bar again… mostly because it had HEAT!

Anyhow, the L.A. Galaxy put the Guadalajara Chivas down, 2-0.

And the four of us dropped nearly $600 for them to do it! I find it hard to imagine that our presence really made a difference.

But we’ll find out next time, because I sure as hell won’t be going!

Did I forget to mention that my niece’s friend won $1,500 on the game?

If there’s a next time, HE’S buyin’ the beer!


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