Bottled Up, In More Ways Than One

22 Jan

A big storm, stretching from Alaska, half-way down Mexico, plowed into the Left Coast a couple of days ago, and brought plenty of wind and rain with it. So the folks with homes on hillsides better keep their eyes peeled, or they’re liable to find themselves mud-surfing down the slope. We can’t even get out of our neighborhood, for the flooding, and it’s probably just as well, ’cause if we could, we wouldn’t be able to get back in, anyway. Now that the worst of this one has gone past us, we find out there’s another one right behind it. So I imagine we’ll be having some more power outages, before this is all done. The first one lasted six and a half hours, because an underground 69,000 volt substation filled up with water. Then it filled up with sparks, smoke, a fireball… and a lot of dark. Seems like some aggressive drainage design might have been able to prevent that, but hey… what do I know?


So my wife, daughter and I are cooped up inside, waiting for this to finish up, so we can get on with our lives. Since my wife and I are both in the middle of a quit-smoking campaign, this isn’t helping a bit! We’re still civil, even friendly, but cabin fever just aggravates the situation. Maybe we should have done this during the summer, instead.


My daughter wants to take her recently acquired car, and go to the movies. That means she’d be using her recently acquired driver’s license, as well. But with 60 mph winds and hail, it ain’t gonna happen! I’m barely comfortable with her driving during decent weather! Not to mention the fact that folks around here tend to speed up, rather than slow down, when the roads are dangerous. You can drive for days here and never see a single driver obey a stop sign, so I’m not about to let her go out in this mess. As a result, I’m the ogre! Ah, well! I’ve got broad shoulders… I can handle it. Now I know how my Dad felt! He’s probably laughin’ his ass off at me! Serves me right, for the grief I gave my folks!  I suppose I’m gettin’ off easy, all things considered.


It rained, hailed and blew all night long, and sounded like it was takin’ the roof off. Our dog was climbin’ the walls, out in the garage. The alarm clock wasn’t blinkin’ this morning, though, so at least we made it through the night without a power outage. I feel sorry for the folks living on the slopes, though. There have already been a couple of lives lost for the flooding. If this keeps up, I’m afraid there’ll be more.


This morning, we transitioned from allowing ourselves a cigarette every hour and a half, to every two hours. Tomorrow, we’ll double it to every four hours. Monday, we plan to quit altogether. I guess that’s when we’ll see how strong our resolve is. That’s probably also about the time that yellow crime-scene tape and chalk outlines will enter the picture. At least there won’t be any doubt as to what happened… finding us with our fingers wrapped tightly around each other’s throat should give even the most dense detective some kind of clue.


Reading back through the last couple of days, I see my writing has become a little disjointed. Hmmmm… I wonder why? Cabin fever? Nicotine craving? Early onset alzheimers?

Or maybe I’m just a crappy writer!  Oh, well… it’s probably just a slump. I’ll snap out of it! Stick with me… I won’t let you down.


2 Responses to “Bottled Up, In More Ways Than One”

  1. Shawna January 22, 2010 at 2:34 pm #

    You can do it, Sheldon! Life is so much better without smoking. Let us know how it is going from time to time. 🙂

    • Doc January 22, 2010 at 2:49 pm #

      I’ll be posting on my progress. I figure the more public I am about my effort, it harder it’ll be for me to give up!

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