Another Step Closer

20 Jan

Last night, as I lay in bed watching Two and a Half Men (which I rarely miss, even though I list Charley Sheen as one of the people I’d most like to beat senseless), I realized that I wasn’t coughing. Lately, shortly after lying down, I have gotten a coughing fit. My theory is that gravity lets the crap and corruption that has built up on my lung walls start creeping/dripping/falling. Not a pretty picture, but at least it woke me up to the necessity to stop poisoning myself.

Anyway, I take it as a sign that severely restricting my tobacco usage is having an effect. So this morning, I changed our plan of one cigarette per hour to one every hour and a half. We’ll do that for a day or two, and then take the next step…perhaps one every three hours…we’ll see.

I have always said that something like this is better done cold-turkey. However, I want my wife to participate in this, too, as I’m fond of her, and want her to be around a while, too. And I doubt she’d be willing to go the distance that way. And I think that this confidence-building is helping us to establish the self-discipline we need to succeed.

Besides, I’ve also always said the Cowboys had the best NFL offense/defense combination, and they’ve certainly proven me wrong on that! So my track record isn’t spotless. Maybe when Landry and Staubach were there, I could have gone cold-turkey… nowadays, I’ll take a crutch.

An associate friend of mine had a close call the other night. Cricket is the administrator on a professional webmaster site and forum, V7 Network, where I serve as one of many moderators. She went out to dinner with her son and daughter, and suddenly found herself with a piece of meat lodged in her throat. As she was slowly being asphyxiated, her son (being a bright lad, apparently with an opportunistic bent), promptly beat the hell out of her, to keep her from going “into the light”. Good job, Nicholas! Cracked ribs beat a funeral procession ANY day! Glad it worked out well. I’ve grown fond of Cricket, and there’s already a shortage of great Texas gals out there. Besides, we don’t get paid extra for training new bosses.

A scary occurrence, when you can’t get any air, and the room goes dark and quiet. They say your life passes before your eyes in those final moments. It can be a life-changing experience, according to some that have survived such things. I’ve been close a couple of times, but not that close.

Of course, I chew my food!


4 Responses to “Another Step Closer”

  1. breeoxd January 20, 2010 at 8:04 pm #

    My significant other doesnt like to chew his food and we had a close call like that about 3 weeks ago. All in all it was really gross and scary, but Id squish him all over again to keep him around. I order him to start chewing tho.
    Great job on another day down!

    • Doc January 20, 2010 at 9:14 pm #

      Thanks. We’re gettin’ there! Tell your beau to rip off smaller chunks!

  2. Debbie January 22, 2010 at 1:35 pm #

    Doc, I didnt quit smoking yet either. I tried cold turkey but it just didnt work. I like you have cut back though. I can go for 9 to 11 hrs without a smoke so I am getting better.
    Lets do this , I know we can.

    • Doc January 22, 2010 at 2:10 pm #

      You bet we can, kid! Going 9-11 hours is pretty darned good (that’s when you’re AWAKE, right?). If you want a killer tip, that REALLY made it easy, check out a blog entry I made earlier this week, Yep, It’s Time!. It makes a world of difference, and especially helps out in the long run.
      Thanks for the comment, Deb. Good luck to you!

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