It’s a New Year, But Is It Any Better Than the Last One?

7 Jan

Happy New Year, to all! I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year. Ours was… different. Not a great one, but a lot better than some people had.

On Christmas Eve, the 17 year old son of friends was kidnapped in Tijuana. There was no word for nearly a week, so it was feared that it might have turned into something other than a kidnapping. They knew he hadn’t run away, because he was snatched at gunpoint, by three men with badges, while he was talking with three friends in a parking lot.

The police were worthless. There’s an average of ten kidnappings per week here, so they’ve stopped any pretense of being either compassionate or hopeful. They only said that it hadn’t been real cops, and told his parents that if they didn’t get a ransom request within 24 hours, he was most likely dead. Cretins!

Of course, half the kidnappings down here seem to involve one or more crooked cops anyway.

On the 30th, they found a note on their car, that if they didn’t pay five million pesos (around $400,000 USD) before the year rang out, their son would be dead. There was also a polaroid of him holding that day’s local newspaper. At least then, they knew he was alive.

This family would be hard pressed to raise forty thousand dollars, if they sold everything they own, let alone ten times that amount. But they had a lot of friends, and a local group of doctors pitched in and helped. With the help of a lot of friends, old and new, they were able to raise a little over thirty thousand dollars. The father tearfully pleaded with the kidnappers to take him and the money, and let their son go. They opted for the money, and on Saturday afternoon, the 2nd of January, their family was reunited.

They’ve left Tijuana now, and if anybody knows where they went, they’re not saying. They didn’t have much to take with them, having sold most of their furniture and household goods the previous week. The local police don’t seem to have even noticed they’re gone, and probably wouldn’t care anyway.

Being unemployed, with no house, no car, no money, and afraid to let your kids out of the house, is a hell of a way to start a new year!

It strikes me that if a group of fewer than fifty people can raise $30K in 24 hours, then a whole COUNTRY ought to be able to raise enough to hire the Mossad to wipe out the drug dealers and crooked cops that are causing the problem! I’ve heard they’re not averse to a little free-lance work for a good cause, and they’re DAMN-sure good at what they do! No need to waste time and energy with warrants and lawyers. Put the underemployed morticians back to work!

Better yet… hang the carcasses on the fence, like we do with coyotes back in Texas. It sends a nice message.


2 Responses to “It’s a New Year, But Is It Any Better Than the Last One?”

  1. breeoxd January 7, 2010 at 10:45 pm #

    Hey! Found you on your comment on andreas blog. liked your writing style so i hopped on over. Subscribed 🙂

  2. Doc January 7, 2010 at 11:05 pm #

    Great! I’ve got a “style”? Nah! Andy’s the one with a great writing style!
    Thanks for stopping by!

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